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Through INNOCARE SOLUTIONS the new normal of protection from virus will be introduced.  Products that will help sanitize each and every individual and will be protected from the virus. While COVID is still existing, the demand for natural solutions are increasing. We are not changing people habit of protection, we just offer a better option for their health. INNOCARE SOLUTIONS is committed in transforming the lives of many. A huge opportunity and great service to mankind.

  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral,

  • Supports Treatment and regeneration
    of the skin
  • Proven against SARS and Covid 19.
  • No known resistance
  • Excellent level compatibility with the skin
  • Certified Natural Products
  • Clinically Tested
  • Proven long term residual activity
  • Does not penetrate bloodstream
  • Patented BG Technology

We believe that taking care is taking action


We believe that taking care is taking action


We believe that taking care is taking action


How we work?

We help people who are looking to earn extra income or establish a business of their own. We offer a low-cost low-risk opportunity open to anyone who wants to sell high-quality products that people need and want and help others to do the same.

Direct Selling

Earn large discount profit from selling products thru retail.

Network Marketing

Power of duplication and team relationship business.

Online Selling

Social media and other online platforms are your advantages.



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Update your Profile

Hello i-Members!!! Download Hello Money via Google Playstore and Apps Store and update your account to avoid a little bit hassle this coming pay-out. Also update your TIN number. The auto-generated system payout is every Saturday at 11:59pm and will be credited to...

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Benefits of MicroSilverBG

Benefits of MicroSilverBG

MicroSilver BG™ is a highly pure elementary silver manufactured using a unique physical process, and as a chemical element is a natural product. Proven long term residual activity Broad spectrum, no known resistanceCertified safe and naturalDoes not penetrate blood...

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