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Oral Care 

ORAL CARE KIT includes Mouth Wash, Foam Tooth Cleaner, and Breath Spray


– Flouride and Triclosan Free
– With Microsilver BG
– Prevents Dental Carries
– Removes Dental Plaque
– Prevents Gum Diseases
– No Morning Bad Breath

– Provides Instant Fresh Breath
– With Microsilver BG
– Alcohol-Free
– Protection from Viruses and Bacteria
– Prevents Gum Diseases
– With Natural Essential Oils
– Long Lasting Fresh Breath

Product Commitment

Through INNOCARE SOLUTIONS the new normal of protection from the virus will be introduced. 

Products that will help sanitize each and every individual and will be protected from the virus. While COVID is still existing, the demand for natural solutions are increasing. We are not changing people habit of protection, we just offer a better option for their health.

INNOCARE SOLUTIONS is committed in transforming the lives of many. A huge opportunity and great service to mankind.

Not tested on animals

no bunnies were harmed!

Natural Ingredients

eco-friendly production

Clinically Approved

Tested with strict guidance

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