Business Opportunity


Starting at P2,500

Membership Packages

Compensation Plan

Retail Profit

Retailing is an important aspect of the business. Earnings of up to 15% as retail commission from the Suggested Retail Price can quickly add up to thousands of pesos of profit per month.

The retail commission is the difference between the Discounted Price and the Retail Price.

Check Match Bonus

Check Match Bonus is a match on your Personal Recruit Binary Bonus check. This is based on your enrollment tree leg. Only with personal volume or active orders are entitled to the check match.

Referral Bonus

Earn immediate income by enrolling new members under you.

The Referral Bonus will help the member enjoy an immediate income of 20% while building their organization.

Career Bonus

This gives the company the opportunity to recognize its iMembers’ accomplishments. Each time they are promoted they will receive a One Time Cash Bonus, a Certificate and Recognition during Big events and more!

Binary Bonus

The Binary Bonus or commonly known as Pairing Bonus pays up to 20% to 25% depending of the rank, of their weaker leg volume.

Profit Sharing

The company take 1% of the total company binary sales and allocate it for Profit Sharing and will be divided on the numbers of shares on the pool for all qualified Managers and Directors.”

Key Terms.


Unilevel Point Value assigned for each and every product and the basis of Referral Bonus computation.


Binary Point Volume is used towards calculating binary commission.


Qualifying Volume is the basis for rank promotion.


Personal Qualifying Volume is the volume that is credited to you from both your personal purchases and your personal customer purchases to determine active status and rank qualification.


Total Qualifying Volume is the combined volume of UPV and BPV tied to sponsorship.


iMembers must have 500BV monthly to be active and qualified for commissions.

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