The skin is just the frame to the picture. Unfortunately, many judge themselves according to this frame. They could either have feelings of content or censure of their own physical features. Good health and self-esteem go hand-in-hand during the process of exercising and establishing good health habits. The skin’s clarity of acne, wrinkles, and sunburns is merely an assistance to their stature of confidence. Having healthy skin is a step to confidence. Becoming worry-free
There are simple things that you can do for your skin. I call it “Beauty Fitness,” healthy skin is dewy and radiant! Just as we exercise our bodies to achieve optimal condition, our skin requires special care to get it in tip-top shape as well.
Workout for healthy skin:
• Cleanse
• Resurface
• Hydrate
• Protect
• Repair
• Moisturize
Getting eight hours of sleep a night, drinking a lot of water, and eating healthy are a great.
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